Roof Insurance Claim

If your home was recently in the path of a storm, there are some initial steps that should be taken before calling your insurance company. Hail and wind can damage your roof, so it is important to have your roof inspected before you contact your insurance company.

The roofing contractor you select should be licensed, insured, and give a professional opinion on whether to file a claim or not. If you choose to file a claim, your insurance claim adjuster will call you to set up an appointment for inspection. Let your contractor know when the meeting is so that the contractor can meet with the adjuster to explain the damage found. Your adjuster will either approve or deny your claim. Filing a claim comes at NO COST to you. Your insurance premium will not be raised, even if damage is found. This is because hail and wind damage are considered Acts of Nature, and therefore come from no fault of your own.

An inspector on the roof examines a skylight