Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Since 1958 – that’s 60 PLUS years of roofing expertise.

Can I select my own color and style?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Simply visit 
 and enter your zip code. 

What should I do to prepare for my new roof?

Before we start, it’s a good idea to remove pictures on exterior walls, breakables in your landscaping, and covering items located in the attic, etc.

Where will you store all the materials you need for my roof project? Will you bring everything with you the day you start on the roof?

We try to deliver all materials the day before we are scheduled to start on your roof. Depending on your particular job, the shingles may be delivered and placed on the roof with accessories placed on the driveway. Or all materials may be placed on the driveway. Or, we may bring our all terrain Equipter vehicle for storage and delivery.

What will the roofers do if it rains or they’re predicting bad weather while you’re in the middle of re-roofing my house?

We only tear off what we can replace that day. If our crews get surprised, they will have tarps to cover the area until we can put shingles back.

Once you start my roof, will the crew work until it’s finished or is it possible that they may go to another job to work before mine is finished?

We will start and finish your job with NO interruptions.

What is your clean-up process? I want to make sure there are no nails or debris in my flower beds or my lawn.

Our clean up is superior to any other roofing company’s process. We have invested in a portable dumpster we are able to elevate to the top of the first floor, reducing trash dramatically. Our roofers will keep your yard and landscaping presentable during the day and clean up everything at the end of everyday. We do the final clean up and magnet rake twice.

Do I get a refund if you don’t use all the shingles you included in my estimate?

We always deliver more materials than needed. However, we do give homeowners a few extra bundles of shingles for future emergency repairs.

How many roofers will be working on my house? Can I communicate with them?

Royal Roofing crews usually have 6 or 8 workers. You will be able to communicate directly with the foreman on your job and David will be present often during the installation.

What is your roofers guarantee? Does it include hail damage?

Our guarantee is 5 years against leakage caused by faulty workmanship. Your homeowner’s insurance covers against hail damage.

When am I supposed to pay you? Do I need to give the roofers a down payment? What happens if I don’t have my insurance check yet?

50% of the total cost is needed to initiate the project and the final payment is due upon completion. When our work is finished and you are satisfied, we will send you the invoice. We understand it may take 30 to 60 days to receive an insurance claim, so we also take that into consideration.

Do I need to be here when the roofers are working on my house? What time do they start in the morning and finish in the afternoon?

Most customers like to be out of the house since re-roofing is a loud, noisy process. Depending on the season, we can start as early as 6 – 8:30 AM. And we will work until your house is watertight.

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